Whether you are looking for a relaxing, powerful break from the day’s activities or intentionally want to let go of something that is troubling you, Marla’s heavenly background singing, coupled with her loving, hypnotic narrative voice, sends listeners to another realm. Her guided meditations serenely transform you from the inside out.

So put on your headphones and…

Listen to the Motivating Morning or Start Your Day meditations when you first awaken, or to the Enhanced Sleep meditation at the end of your day. The subtle, yet powerful differences will invigorate you in the morning and gently rock you to sleep in the evening.


The Deep Relaxation meditation is like a chorus of angels whispering in your ears, and will sweep you into a state of bliss.


The Optimal Health meditation invites in an invisible energy force to aid you in healing the mind, body, and spirit, reducing stress and creating a renewed feeling of inner calm.


Guided Success powerfully shifts your perspective on what it feels like to be successful in multiple areas of your life, bypassing self-limiting thoughts and fears towards igniting your passions.